Ginger Biscuit Games


Ginger Biscuit Games is a one man development studio founded by Tim Keenan


First Game

Ginger Biscuit Games was initially just a name used to publish one mobile game to Android with the sole purpose of getting "one download that was not my Mum". This goal was achieved by my first game "Crowded Space" which has had over 13,000 downloads.

London Indies

Ginger Biscuit Games was officially founded whilst I was living in London and after I had become a member of the #LondonIndies group. I earned a reputation in the community for home made biscuits as much as I did for development and was always seeking to expand the membership of the group by helping with events and by organising a monthly social night in Clapham.

Game Development

Ginger Biscuit has worked on a number of games following on from "Crowded Space".
- "A-Maze" is a touch based Maze game with online high score tables.
- "TSRacing" a top racing game for touch screens aimed at putting speed back into mobile racers.
- "On and Off again" is a more ambitions story and puzzle driven 2D platformer, initially aimed at PC.


Having moved out of London I am now providing the developers of Manchester with home baked treats. The current focus is in developing "On and Off again". I am collaborating with a musician, Matt Javanshir, who I met through the pub meetup in Clapham and intend to put the game through Greenlight within the next couple of months. Please see the projects section for more details.